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December 2010 News

Black Friday Results- Retail – 3% up, Online 16% up

While the great funk of 2010 lingers on, there are positive economic indicators suggesting that we are in a recovery. Many economists feel that America’s trajectory is on course and things are improving every day. The fact that e-commerce has grown faster than traditional business is evidence that we are on track. This is exactly what we all expected. Most of us assumed that hand held devices, computer access [Wi-Fi] and exclusive web offers would attract more people to cyber consumerism. We see this trend with our customers when they schedule their next dental appointment. A growing number of patients enter their next appointment right into their smart phone or handheld device at your reception desk. This is why Demand Force and other confirmation programs that offer texting are so popular today. Likewise, our customers are ordering on-line with Aruba or Aruba web at record numbers. We have invested resources in making our web site more relevant with articles and exclusive offers as well! The rush to buy Holliday gifts and enjoy the pre holiday season discounting suggests that Holiday shopping remains as one of Americas’ past times. U.S. online sales rose 16 percent on Cyber Monday, topping $1 billion for the first time, spurred by free shipping deals and discounted prices, ComScore Inc. said.  Black Friday is a precursor to the Holiday Shopping Season!

The Greater New York Dental Meeting

Simply put – the meeting was better than expected and encouraging. There were record numbers on Sunday but the show lagged a little on Monday and Tuesday. Most vendors thought that Wednesday was excellent but not quite as robust as Monday. The rain may have been a factor.

Schein debuted Endovations –and the featured product – “The S A F Endo System”. It was one of the busiest booths in the Javits center. Anything digital was a hit but Cad Cam, Cone Beam and Lasers drew the biggest crowds. Traditional equipment sales were strong making the section 179 deduction a GNYDM stimulus packageJ.

The new power brokers – social media consultants

People that consult on social media are operating in a space that was, just a few years ago, only occupied by practice management companies. The R.O.I. from Social Media is measurable and the reputation management aspect is unprecedented. Many of the popular, iconic industry lecturers on the circuit are quite big in Social Media today as well. I know this because I am connected to them on FaceBook and LinkedIn and other mediums. It is a way to network and share video and even create strategic alliances. For the dentist, social media allows you to create a community of patients, co-workers, associates, friends and family that you can share relevant information with. In turn you have the opportunity to enhance your reputation and business at the same time if managed right. There are many young, techno savvy industry professionals on the lecture circuit today using social media for themselves and their clients! Let me know if this is something you want to pursue – I can help!

As we prepare for the Holidays, there are many things to reflect about 2010. One thing for sure is that 2010 was roller coaster and a very hard year. Even those of us who did well, will tell you that it was a hard year. The emotional stress and the uncertainty made it less fun and more taxing on the mind and body. I believe that many of us sat back after 2008 with great concern. In 2009 we were cautious and weary. By the time 2010 came around we were hopeful but were marred by a divisive mid-term political race and the cloud of two wars and a challenged economy. As the third quarter came around many financial indicators gave us reason for hope and we started to feel that we have turned the corner.

“I believe we are learning to live with our new reality and making adjustments to once again grow and prosper.”

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