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Everything Dental Blog – March 2014


“Open Wide” said the Dentist

“Open wide” is probably one of the most often heard commands in the dental office.  Everything we do every day requires us to be in the mouth and gain more and more access.  The same is now true outside of the mouth – a “wide open” platform in technology provides us with more and more access and capabilities.   As digital dentistry in the form of 2-D, 3-D or digitally scanned environments have become standards of diagnosis and treatment in dentistry, dental professionals are demanding more and more “openness” between the systems.

Similar to the start of consumer computing where we would purchase a system of one brand from start to finish – a Gateway CPU, Gateway monitor and Gateway printer (Or a Dell, an Apple, an IBM or an HP) – other technology introductions followed the same path.  Then as industry standards were established, individual printers, monitors, cpus and software all learned to work with each other through common formats and we, as consumers, could pick and choose the best components for efficiency, convenience and economy,– We could choose what was best for our particular situation without having to compromise.

When Dentistry in 1987 ushered in the first digital camera system (Fuji) the first digital x-ray system (Trophy) and the first digital CAD CAM System (Siemens CEREC) they were essentially closed systems, working within their own confines interpreting and using the data – not sharing.  Times have changed and standards in each field have progressed:  .jpegs, .tiffs, .pngs in photography; DICOM and .stls (STeriolithography) files for 3-D imaging and digital impressions.    More and more systems and manufacturers are now “open” to the concept of sharing information – importing files from other systems to provide the best outcome for patients and for the expectations of the professionals.

Today we can utilize the best of the best and scan with a system that meets our needs, pass it along to a design center or service (office or laboratory) that meets our needs, combine 2-D, 3-D and digital impressions for a complete view of the oral environment and then mill, cast, or print on a system that meets our needs.  All without compromise.

There are always certain concerns that come about when combining different manufacturers and their products – how to get comprehensive training, continuous support, the pointing of fingers when things don’t go quite right – but for the most part, these are easily resolved through consideration of the manufacturers involved, how connected they are (ownership, formal partnerships, “trusted connections’”, etc.) and the level of education and support they provide on the total solution. Dental professionals today can choose the best solutions for their practices – it’s a “wide open” world in dentistry.


Gary Severance, D.D.S.


The world is a very different place then it was just a decade ago. Many of the tools that we used are no longer relevant or have been replaced by an app on our phone. Just to name a few of the once relevant are cameras, photo albums, aftermarket G.P.S., cassette recorders, Disc players, 800# Voice mail, address books and date keepers.

Register now –

Get in touch with Today’s digital dentistry solutions. It is going to be a fun and interesting lecture with many entertaining speakers!



Gary Severance, D.D.S

Wednesday, March 19th – 8:30 am-5:00 pm

“A Day of Digital Dentistry”

Join Dr. Gary Severance as he moderates a Day of Digital Dentistry with leading dental professionals. A comprehensive overview of all things digital including intraoral scanners, chairside CAD CAM, 2-D and 3-D (cone beam) technology, practice management and patient management systems. An ideal course for all dental professionals wanting to see first-hand how the various technologies work together to provide diagnostic, treatment planning and restorative outcomes enhancing the patient experience. This course will present through presentations and demonstrations the various technologies and focus on the practical applications. In addition a “team approach” to dentistry will be highlighted demonstrating how the clinician, auxiliaries and the dental laboratory can work together to provide an efficient and effective solution that exceeds patient and professional expectations. The latest in practice management and patient communication will also be reviewed throughout the day.

Course Objectives – Participants will learn:

  • Methods to integrated digital dentistry into their workflow most efficiently
  • The capabilities and flow of chairside CAD CAM dentistry
  • The capabilities of 2-D and 3-D technology and their utilization in restorative and implant dentistry
  • The benefits of delegation to office auxiliaries and dental technicians
  • The latest technologies utilized in the dental laboratories and how to connect with them from the office
  • The future technologies that will continue to elevate our profession
  • Ideal for all dental professionals: dentists, dental technicians, dental auxiliaries, hygienists and front office personnel

Joining Dr. Severance are Ms. Angela Guanzini and Lee Culp, CDT as well as additional dental professionals with a variety of expertise utilizing the various technologies.

Register now – http://bigappledentalmeeting.us/files/brochure_2014.pdf




This just in from Kelly King;

Intuit Demandforce sweeps the Dental Townie Choice Awards Once Again

Demandforce, NYSDA’s endorsed online marketing and patient communication solution, has proudly taken the title in all 3 categories for the 2013 Dental Townie Choice awards for which they were nominated.

This brings Demandforce’s Townie award count to 13 total over the last 5 years.  This year, the titles were in the following categories: Internet Marketing & Web Services, Dental Marketing, and Software: Patient Communication Systems.  Additionally, they not only won these awards, but swept them by receiving more than three times the amount of votes that any other contender in each category.

Demandforce is a leader in the dental industry providing its members with a cutting edge, automated marketing and communications solution to grow their practices.  In addition to helping practices effectively connect with their patient base; Demandforce helps practices attract new patients online. Schedule a personal demonstration today – or call 1.800.246.9853

All of these recare/reactivation software programs work. I encourage you to investigate them all and start using patient communication software to improve your practice/patient relationships, new patient acquisition and marketing!



Schedule a Day of Training for Your Team!

The Importance of education, competence, initiative and execution has never been greater in the dental community. As PPO dentistry makes inroads and costs continue to rise, there are only two ways to stay ahead. Work longer and harder or become more efficient.

All members of the dental team must be competent, engaged and fully committed to enhancing their work flow and production. This is already a focus for the successful and progressive dental practices as well as for the distribution chain (manufacturers and dealers).

The Big Apple dental Meeting is quickly approaching. This continuing education event is so unique because dentists who reside in the NY/NJ region and even some from as far as Pennsylvania and Connecticut make this meeting an annual ritual.

There is always a menu of qualified speakers and key opinion leaders covering a vast array of topics. One of the nice things about this venue is that there is something for everyone-all staff members.

Make the Big Apple your annual Team Education Day. Improve team harmony and expand the knowledge and skill set of your employees.

Please call Joy Patane at (718) 733-2031 and register yourself and your team for courses right away. You can also go online to register and see all the course descriptions at:



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