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Everything Dental Blog – October 2014


Complexity on Steroids

Last month I attended the Madow Brothers event [TBSE] in Miami, Florida. It was entertaining and I can see why they have a huge following. The event showcased several exceptional speakers and topics such as the future of dentistry, the movement towards group practice, clinical materials that work, practice management, and the patient experience. I saw several speakers during this two day event but two of my favorite speakers were there on the very same day. Unbeknown to them both, they have been my secret mentors and weapons for years!

In the late eighties and early 90’s there were just a few notable practice management consultants and a handful of marquis, clinical speakers. Those were simpler times but as we evolved the technology, the compliance requirements, our wealth and our menu of services advanced. Unfortunately these noteworthy accomplishments came with a price – complexity. As the materials advanced so did the procedure mix which opened the door for many clinical speakers. Similarly, the HR and administrative functions became increasingly challenging so practice management consulting became an industry. As I look back on 23 years of selling dental gear, I was very lucky to have attended those CE programs early on in my career. I grew my relevance and business by sharing the wisdom of Linda Miles and earned the respect of my clients by recommending what Dr. Gordon Christensen published in the C.R.A. Since those early days I have become a CE junky. I enjoy the events and lecture series provided by Henry Schein and work with several organizations to produce events and sponsor speakers in the Northeast.

In the near future dental practices will have challenges/opportunities resulting from the Affordable Health Care Act, changes in Medicare, Medicaid, more regulation and the movement towards group practice. Compound that by procedure coding changes (changes in CDT codes/complimentary codes and claim submittal), electronic healthcare records and skinnier, dental benefit plans and you will want professional guidance. Face it, it’s complexity on steroids!

Choose your partners carefully and work with people and companies that see the world of opportunity not the challenges of change.



These materials are having a major impact on dentistry today.

There is a major shift in crown preference and fabrication and it’s all about newer, stronger and gentler monolithic and solid zirconia materials.

EDB_OCT_004   EDB_OCT_005   EDB_OCT_006


Are PFM’s an endangered species?

I read an interesting article by Dr. Michael DiTolla, DDS, FAGD in Dental Economics titled “Is the PFM Dead?” The statistics he provided (from a major national lab) demonstrated a sharp decline in PFM prescriptions – down from 65% in 2007 to a mere 10% in 2013. It was quite an eye opener for me and I guess it will be for many of my readers.

In addition to an obvious evolution in dental materials we are also seeing more emphasis put on same day dentistry and digital impressioning. Here, another seismic shift is underway which is in alignment with consumer expectations and this demands greater efficiency in how dentistry is delivered.

*I am 55 years old and I work crazy hours. I cover a large geographical area and my time is precious. The idea of scheduling two or three appointments during working hours for a crown would be challenging for me. Those time slots are precious and could be used productively helping clients or producing revenue.

This video with Dr. Gordon J. Christensen and Dr. Jonathan Ferencz [Go digital For Better dentistry] will set the tone for what is coming down the pike. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wyILMDemf3U&list=UUc6gpIFroJ1yoQ2vQZ2iw1Q

Still relying on traditional impressioning techniques for your Crown and Bridge?

Schedule a demonstration of one of these impression scanners in the privacy of your dental office. Henry Schein is the only company to sell a variety of digital impressioning solutions and have the integration piece that you’ve been waiting for. Schein is the exclusive distributor for E4D and Planscan and also sells and services Trios by Three Shape and the True Definition Scanner from 3M. In addition to choice and support, Henry Schein has several financing solutions to make this purchase fit your budget.




Register now for the Big Apple Dental Meeting

This event showcases some of the best speakers in the business and the topics were selected by dentists to better serve the dental community.

Call – 718-733-2031 for registration information and a course listing.




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  1. Jack, thank you for your “always” relevant and helpful blogs. You are an asset to our profession. I agree: Linda Miles and Gordon Christensen are treasures in our profession–absolute treasures. (Linda is my BFF!!!)

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