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Everything Dental Blog February, 2016

It is rare when a product, service or organization remains relevant after three decades of existence. It has been my honor to associate and collaborate with such an organization for twenty four of those wonderful years. The BIG APPLE Dental meeting is a northeast staple and has provided education to ...

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Everything Dental Blog – January 2016

Everyone will be impacted. These changes will touch everyone in the dental community. There has been a lot written about the state of the dental market place and its future. After years of analysis I have concluded that the future is in our hands. There is no doubt that the ...

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Everything Dental Blog – December 2015

I burned the boats – and it was exhilarating! “Burn the Boats”. The impact of those words (whether true or urban legend) has meant peril for some and victory for others. For explorers and conquerors like Cort’es and Alexander the Great, those words were meant to inspire their men. They ...

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Everything Dental Blog – November 2015

Have you reached your Tipping Point? As we approach the end of 2015 we must operate with one eye on the prize and the other on opportunity for 2016. This is a critical time of year for all businesses. Most of us are trying to close the year on a ...

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Everything Dental Blog – October 2015

Trust Me on This – Relationships Matter. Early in our lives our relationships provide security and intimacy. These relationships are nurturing and supportive and they provide the basis for our social existence. During this period we are entirely dependent on others. Over a lifetime we develop thousands of relationships. These ...

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Everything Dental Blog – September 2015

HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT? How do you learn, stay current and get inspired? There is a lack of critical business information and training for the small business owner. This isn’t a new phenomenon but it is arguably a bigger problem than most people realize. Years ago, when the world ...

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