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Check your remaining valuable Privileges certificates now! There are many certificates available to you for merchandise, equipment and technology! Privilege members should redeem their Privileges certificates now and while you’re at it, redeem your Privilege points. Please go on line now and take advantage of the thousands of dollars available to you in certificates. It would be a shame if you did not take advantage of these “use them or lose them” annual certificates. Go to www.privilegesredemptioncenter.com Log in = user name is your ship to account # Password is = certificates (lower case) Put in your qualifying invoice # That’s all you have to do!!! Remember – “Schein customers have Privileges!”

Quote of the month:

“Discipline is making the choice between what you want now and what you want most” – Olivia and Kerry Strain. I selected this quote because I am working with several young doctors who are starting up new practices and a few who have just purchased existing practices. The development and expansion of any business requires a plan, hard work and discipline. Kerry Straine has made an exclusive offer to Henry Schein clients – Get a free Straine Practice Analysis for free [$5000.00 value]. Call me for details. Winners and Losers The last few years have been challenging for most of us. Today, climbing that socio economic ladder is a bit harder than it was just a few years ago. Downward mobility is quite common today [almost the norm] for so many young people – including young professionals. A dentist taking over his/hers parents practice may not be able to do for their kids what their parents did for them. However, during this and every other challenging economic environment, there are winners and losers. Some people and companies manage to flourish and/or gain market share even in difficult times. I am lucky to work for such a company and hope you allow me to help you. Henry Schein has developed the – Digital practice Analysis Tool [D.P.A.T.] to help our loyal customers grow in this economic environment. This is by far the most powerful tool that I have at my disposal. It will clearly identify thousands of dollars that that lie dormant within your practice. Please call me to find out what reports I will require from you to perform a comprehensive digital practice analysis for your office. Your information will be held in the strictest of confidence and will be destroyed once the D.P.A.T. is prepared. *Similar reports would cost you thousands of dollars from other organizations. Henry Schein will create the D.P.A.T. for our valued clients for a nominal processing fee. Older Dentists Older dentists considering an exit strategy [1-5 years out] must be cognizant that it’s a buyer’s market out there. In order to get fair compensation for your practice, it must be current [technology], clean and nicely decorated. You are competing with many other offices on the market so the office that is more “Turn Key” will sell first! Remember – young dentists have school and personal debt when they are in the market for a practice. When they borrow money to buy your practice they may not have the credit to obtain the working capital for the technology and other items on their wish list. Why not enjoy the technology now while you are still practicing and at the same time, improve the curb appeal of your practice! Unprecedented Terms In conjunction with the Henry Schein 2010 Yearend Equipment and Technology blow out, we have just announced incredible financing opportunities for you. These offers end on Dec. 23rd. Purchases between $3,000 and $15,000 * 1/3 down with order – 1/3 30 days from invoice date -1/3 60 days from invoice date Purchases between $15,000 and $30,000* 25% deposit followed by 6 Monthly payments @ 0% interest *One EZ Pay transaction per customer. Sale must be on one invoice. 0% financing terms are only valid while customer is current.

DON’T FORGET THE PRIVILEGES CERTIFICATES WHEN BUYING YOUR YEAREND EQUIPMENT AND TECHNOLOGY. THIS IS ANOTHER BENEFIT EXCLUSIVE TO SCHEIN CUSTOMERS! So What’s The Big Deal About Dentrix? While there are several good practice management systems on the market today, Dentrix continues to be the #1 choice of young dentists and the #1 system that dentists convert to. Besides the obvious support, features and reliability, Dentrix is intuitive and has more business applications than any other system on the market. It is the choice of more office managers and doctors because it remains the industry golden standard and actually helps you grow your practice and produce revenue. Over the years, Dentrix has evolved to be the best choice for going paper-less, integrating technology and networking the entire office [front and back]. In addition, Dentrix is by far the most versatile system for practices that have multiple doctors and hygienists. In addition to all the other accolades, Dentrix can boast about having more applications, including applications for hand held devices, than any other system on the market! Below are some of the popular DENTRIX eServices that many progressive offices are using today. Please keep in mind that Dentrix is rated #1 by industry notables and is rated #1 in customer satisfaction from your peers for over a decade.

Henry Schein Practice Solutions [HSPS] provides an array of eServices designed to automate processes within your office and automate the process of communicating to, and with, existing and new patients. HSPS can send an email (or text) reminder to patients, print statements, host a website, allow for seamless credit card processing, check real time patient eligibilities, do an online backup of data, and handle your electronic claim submission. The products available under the eServices umbrella include eCentral, PowerPay, eClaims, QuickBill, and eBackup. Using eServices to complete non-treatment related tasks reduces operational and material expenses while allowing you and your staff to concentrate on providing outstanding patient care. • With eCentral you have the ability to streamline patient communications. Automatic appointment reminders are sent via electronic messages or with a traditional card sent from HSPS. Patient eligibilities can be checked either one at a time or based off of the appointment book as a whole. With the WebEnabled portion, not only will HSPS host your website, you will be able to replace the clipboard with either an iPad or a kiosk computer in the waiting room. All forms will be automatically sent to the document center for that patient and that form will never become a piece of paper. • eClaims will save you time and money by simplifying your claims process. eClaims electronic claims program allows you to create a claim, validate it, and send it electronically right from your DENTRIX software. eClaims reduces your rejected claims so you get paid faster. • Power Pay is the most effective way to process credit and debit cards within your DENTRIX software. With one card swipe, PowerPay can process a charge and post payment directly to your ledger. PowerPay even reduces you’re A/R through automatic recurring and “after-insurance” credit card payment consents. Also, when combined with WebEnabled you can allow for the submission of credit card payments through your website. This will allow patients to pay you at their convenience and time of day. • QuickBill is the simple way to send patient billing statements. QuickBill allows you to send statements that are in the mail within 24 hours with a few clicks of the mouse. QuickBill gives you complete control, allowing you to review your statements, add personal notes and even have the address verified. • eBackup ensures the safety of your most valuable asset-your patient data. eBackup is reliable, secure HIPAA-compliant and completely automated. With eBackUp your data is never more than a few keystrokes away and can be restored at any time, to any computer with an Internet connection. Please feel free to call Rob or Kim to discuss these and other practice management solutions such as Guru and Demand Force. • Rob Strelick – Digital Technology Specialist C: 585.503.7627 – Robert.Strelick@henryschein.com • Kimberly Burack – Digital Technology Specialist C: 914-419-6659 – Kim.Burack@henryschein.com Happy Holidays Everyone!

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