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Everything Dental Blog – Nov. / Dec. special edition 2011

The Glass Is Half Full

I provide a service but my value differs from client to client so does the dentists relationship with his/her patients.  It is not so much about our skills but rather more about the impression people have of you.

Some clients see me as a resource, consultant, public speaker and confidante, while others see me as a cotton roll salesman. Some patients view their dentist as a dental deity and an artist while others view their dentists as a technician who accepts their insurance. This is one of those strange truths about the world we live in. Whether it is public opinion or a political view point, people have underlying beliefs, which alter their vision of the world.

Another variable in the way people process information and make decisions is how they view the world of opportunity. Do they see the world as their oyster, all the pleasures and opportunities of life are there for the taking? Do they see the journey as hard, unfulfilling or limiting? A common philosophical question that addresses this phenomenon is; do you see the glass half full or half empty?

If one thinks opportunity is limited, they will manage what they have differently than if opportunity were abundant. This world view can make an individual tentative and may unconsciously affect their decision making process. A sales person may modify their proposal and offer a less expensive model. A dentist may present a downsized treatment plan in place of the comprehensive plan they originally prepared if they think it may get rejected. 

After two years of recession and instability we are starting to see positive economic indicators. While many business sectors have a new reality and some markets are still recovering, we are no longer in a recession. Yes, unemployment is hovering at 9% but the majority of your patient base is employed and they require your dental services.

Certainly, there are people who would argue that things are worse than I have stated. Many people feel victimized by the politicians, banks and big business. Regardless, now is the time to get back on the horse. It is time to see the world as our oyster again. “No More Modified Proposals”. Let’s get back to best practices and grow our businesses.

Close the year strong and invest in your practice!

What are you doing to promote and grow your business? Have you implemented any new strategies to grow your brand or new patient numbers? Have you invested in new technology?

Ask yourself the following questions…

  • Is your practice lagging behind in technology?
  • Do you have digital radiography?
  • Do you have a Panoramic X-ray?
  • Are you looking into Lasers?
  • What are your plans regarding Cad Cam and digital impressioning? 
  • Are you doing everything in your power to get those hygiene patients back by yearend for their second appointment?
  • Have all those predeterminations you worked so hard to produce/process been scheduled?
  • Have you contacted all those patients with treatment plans and are they in the schedule?
  • Are you actively marketing patients who need dental work that still have insurance benefits available for this calendar year? Consultants claim that more than of the annual employer insurance benefits issued are never fully utilized!

This year the GNYDM is expected to be a virtual mad house. The demand for digital technology, Cad Cam and laser dentistry has exploded. For the last two or three years, many dentists have been reluctant to spend money due to the state of the economy. Today, we are seeing an unprecedented surge in capital equipment purchases because of the record high section 179 stimulus deduction and because the economy has stabilized.

Please take my cell phone number with you to the GNYDM – (914) -879-9251. I am currently booking appointments with clients and have scheduled several meetings with speakers and consultants to discuss the 2012 and 2013 calendar of C.E. events.

Dentists of the Empire State

All NYS state dental facilities are required to have an A.E.D. (automatic Electronic Defibrillator) by January, 2012. I have researched this product category and have special pricing and terms just for you on the Zoll Plus unit. This includes training on the unit and the C.P.R. module.

Thank you for your continued support and business.

Have a very Happy Holiday Season!

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