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Everything Dental – February 2012

How Do You Get Your News And Information?

Do you get your morning news from television, radio, the newspaper or a favorite app? Do you have a preference where you get your news from? Do you think one source is more accurate, comprehensive or balanced than the other? Of course it matters where you get your information from but we don’t always have control over the remote control, radio dial or have access to our preferred news source.  We all have a preference where we get our news from. Our preference develops over time as we become more comfortable and trusting of a news source.

Right now a huge war is underway by the internet giants as they juggle to be more relevant and desirable to you. Google and Facebook want to be your landing page. Yahoo wants you to come back and Bing wants to make a big bang for your patronage. The internet is maturing and these sites want to be liked, considered trustworthy and relevant. Pay attention as the internet becomes more local and useful to you. The sites you visit frequently on the Internet have a profile of you and are trying to find your sweet spot. They want to be more likeable and more important to you so that you frequent their site which in turn attracts more advertisers for them.

 Whether it’s a consumer product, dental material, syndicated news show, or a dental practice, we all benefit from being liked, being trusted and having a good reputation! What are you doing to enhance your brand so you are more liked and relevant in your community?

 Why would someone buy a curing light these days?

 Curing lights are fixtures in practically every dental office today. Light cured materials are the popular restorative material for the dentist and patient because they mimic natural tooth color and appearance. They allow for manipulation before setting. This is a very important attribute as it allows the technician to work in finite spaces and create beautiful dental repairs and restorations.

Modern dentistry is arguably 25 plus years old. Prior to that, little was done with composite resins because most dental bonding relied on mechanical retention.  Back then, the aesthetics and wear properties of those resin materials were also subpar. In the early nineties everything changed with the advent of the 4th generation bonding agent. This chemistry took bonding to a new level with the total etch technique and the restorative materials improved. The composites evolved from macro to micro to hybrid to micro-hybrids and now we are embracing restorative materials that utilize the benefits of nano technology! I would be remiss if I didn’t give honorable mention to compomers and stated the popularity of flowable composites as they contributed to this esthetic revolution!  In addition, self etch cements and bonding agents improved the success of posterior composite restorations for they eliminated most sensitivity issues.

The industry has done a great job in its quest of that perfect restorative. They have experimented with varying particle sizes, different types of fillers and light initiators to manage polymerization issues. Today, we are several generations ahead of those major advancements stated above. We have composite resins that polish well, have minimal shrinkage, maintain their shade and are as strong as natural tooth structure.

The evolution of the curing light is several decades old as well. We went from fiber optic systems to quartz and halogen systems. In the mid to late nineties, the power arc curing lights were in vogue because of their quick and deep curing capabilities. Shortly after, the Turbo tip was introduced and it improved the power of those conventional quartz and halogen systems already owned by the dentist. Today we are about speed, convenience and power as we move towards cordless, L.E.D. curing lights!

The future of cosmetic dentistry is bright for we have great restorative options and materials. The chemistry is incredible and our materials have never been better. The cements, bonding agents and composites, regardless of brand, are excellent. While we are still searching for the perfect matrix system and technicians still have personal preferences about the materials they use, it is clear that we are delivering the best dentistry in the history of this great profession.

How to get a free cordless, L.E.D. curing light


 What I am about to tell you is a known fact by many but a mystery to the masses. Most respected restorative companies have a curing light offer for their loyal customers who use several of their key products. If you use the bonding agent, cement and composite from one company you could be eligible for a free cordless L.E.D. curing light just for buying in bulk. Most companies require a one-time order of $2000.00 to $3000.00 and they will allow you to mix and match the categories of restorative/cosmetic materials as stated in their promotion. Each company has specific criteria for their free light offer. Sometimes you buy the light and get free goods to subsidize the cost of the light!  I can help you determine the best light and offer for your office.

Closing Message


There are so many business related activities in this once glamorized, cottage industry of dentistry. Most dental practices are considering or are already engaged in one or more of the following initiatives: growing their elective offering, going digital, going paper-less, milling crowns, using 3D imaging, integrating Lasers, or investing in marketing/branding. Regardless of your practice type, technology can be the gateway to differentiation, patient attraction and an improved clinical offering.  Please evaluate these products and let me know which technology you are interested in.

  • Practice management software with mobile capabilities
  • Digital x-ray/ 3D imaging
  • Soft and hard tissue Lasers
  • Digital impressioning
  • Cad Cam
  • Patient communication Software
  • Web/e-mail and traditional marketing
  • Patient education and Intra-oral cameras

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