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Everything Dental Blog – May 2012

What do social media posts and television advertising spots have in common?

They share similar objectives but may have different intentions.
A television commercial is a form of advertisement. It is produced to convey a message or market a product or service. The goal is to reach a large audience/viewership to promote something.

A social media post is a form of expression that can have a variety of motives. It can be as innocent as sharing a joke, photo or memory with friends and family or it can be a serious message for your social media community. It can be a brand building post constructed to have people like you or a persuasive message to get people to act.

Regardless, T.V. ads and social media posts both benefit from timing. If your television advertisement is shown at 4am, your viewership and costs will be low. If you posted a photo or made an announcement on Face Book at 4am you will have fewer eyeballs as well.
Here’s the game changer for dental offices that want to use social media to compliment their other marketing activities –

Demand Force customers who concern themselves with Timely posts perform better with marketing campaigns and branding. The Timely feature in Demand Force analyzes your previous status updates (timing algorithm) and identifies the best time for your social media posts to be placed into your Face Book/ twitter community. This ensures more eyeballs and enhances your return on investment!

Demand Force is the leading patient communication software program with a business to business component that trumps every competitor by literally thousands of viewers. The software seamlessly integrates with all major practice management software systems and confirms and reactivates your patient’s appointments by e-mail or text. The software surveys new and existing patients to keep you informed about your business reputation and brand. In addition, the marketing campaigns and social media benefits will help you attract new patients.

The cross pollination effect of the Demand Force network (over 35,000 businesses) is a huge windfall and provides a B to B marketing component that will add to your popularity!

Industry News: Demand Force was just acquired by Intuit Inc.

This is exciting to me personally as I am friends with the principles at DF and have watched them build this incredibly relevant business. Congratulations to Rick and Sam and all the passionate employees that have been there since the beginning.
Intuit Inc. is a leading provider of business and financial management solutions for small and mid-sized businesses. There flagship products and services include QuickBooks®, Quicken® and TurboTax to name a few…  I expect to see new products and business solutions from DF in the future. For more information click on the link – http://techcrunch.com/2012/04/27/intuit-acquires-marketing-saas-company-demandforce-for-423-5m-in-cash/

One Year later

A year ago (in my May 2011 letter) I wrote about trends and movements in the dental community http://everythingdental.wordpress.com/2011/05/ .

•    Movement towards multi-specialty
•    Increase adoption of electronic claims
•    Dentists embrace social media
•    Increase in third party financing for dental procedures
•    Race to 3D imaging, Cad Cam dentistry and Digital Impressioning
•    Laser adoption and utilization
•    Focus on efficiency
•    Going Paper-less
•    Increase adoption and utilization of cancer screening devices
•    Growth in saliva testing
•    Implants in the house!
•    Clear braces grow GP involvement in Ortho and make the Ortho pie bigger.
•    Sedation dentistry grows exponentially
•    Patient communication programs like Demand Force grow in popularity
•    Expanded duties continues to advance careers of auxiliaries especially in certified Cad Cam designing
•    Cosmetic and Facial filler dentistry gains traction as an in house and referred service

One new bullet is required to complete the list above.

•    Total Health/Wellness – Many dental consultants and in turn, hundreds if not thousands of dental practices are emphasizing preventive dentistry and are talking about the oral/systemic link.

While the scientific community researches the causation and correlation between various illnesses, I embrace the fact that patients with periodontal disease have a higher incidence or probability of acquiring other illness.

Some interesting points to note:

1.    With healthcare front and center in American politics today, it is interesting to note that patients with severe periodontal disease generally have 21% higher health care costs – The Journal of Periodontology.
2.    Women with periodontal disease during pregnancy are 7 times more likely to deliver a low birth rate baby. *Low birth-weight babies are the #2 cause of infant deaths in America today.
3.    More than 20 million people in the U.S are infected with HPV and there are approximately 6 million new cases each year – Center for Disease Control and Prevention and Oral Cancer Foundation.
4.    Men with severe periodontal disease have a 63% higher risk of developing pancreatic cancer – Journal of the National Cancer Institute.
5.    People with severe periodontal disease are almost twice as likely to suffer from coronary artery disease as those without – American Heart Association and American Academy of Periodontology.

I’ve had hundreds of conversations with medical and dental healthcare professionals regarding the Oral/Systemic link. This is not a chicken or the egg discussion. I personally don’t care if periodontal disease is the cause or an effect of other diseases. Bad breath, bleeding gums, off color tongues and abnormal tissue in the oral cavity requires immediate attention.

With Washington’s focus on healthcare and reducing the nation’s debt, it makes good business sense to keep these points’ front and center while growing the relevance of dentistry!

Dentists see their patients twice a year and are in a better position, than their medical counterparts, to assess the basic physical, mental and emotional health of their patients. The early detection and prevention of many diseases, identified in the dental operatory, will lead to better healthcare, will save lives and will ultimately save millions of dollars for consumers and the U.S. government.

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