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Everything Dental Blog – July 2014

Influence and Guidance

I’ve had many mentors over the course of my adult life. My mentors have ranged from family members, corporate leaders, clients and Industry KOL’S. Each of these mentors has appeared or was waiting for me when I was ready to transform, stretch or change. Their influence has come in many forms and hasn’t always been deliberate. Regardless of origin and purpose, their influence has provided me with the impetus to embark on a new endeavor or change.

I have found that mentors can come and go and some will remain in your life forever. Often times, it is up to you whether a mentor is active or dormant in your life. Remember, mentors are accomplished at certain things and not everything. Some of my mentors have been intimately involved in my life, other have been strictly focused on my professional journey. And then there have been the unofficial life coaches and mentors that have given so much to me unknowingly. Their views, business acumen, work ethic and accomplishments have resonated with me over the years, and in doing so, they’ve provided the magic I needed to achieve my goals.

The art of selecting a mentor(s) is not inherited. It’s not a taught skill and I doubt there are any CE classes on selecting one. Selecting a mentor requires a degree of introspection. You need to know what you seek. You need a certain amount of humility to open up to the advice of another. Is it a skill set you seek? Is it a business plan that needs development? Do you want/need an inspirational role model in your life?

I urge you to identify several mentors that are diverse in nature. Do not select mentors that support all your views or are a lot like you. They will not inspire, change and challenge you where you need it most.

A year from now- will you be happy with your work?

Did you seize your moment?



My Experience at SCN 2014.

There is a private organization that operates behind the scenes in the dental business. It’s where speakers, consultants and industry writers meet. This is where they fine tune their skills, network and get inspired. SCN is a resource hub and support organization for its exclusive membership.

I recently attended the SCN (Speakers and Consultant Network) annual meeting in Tampa, Florida. It was one of those amazing experiences that you appreciate even more looking back on it. I watched speakers compete in front of meeting planners and the audience to sell their skills and get speaking gigs. Everyone on that stage was passionate and professional but some were more engaging and entertaining than others. Humility and passion are a prerequisite for the marquis speakers as well as the new talent on the speaking circuit. The meeting planners were cordial but critical on the contestants. It was a serious and entertaining event.

Membership in the SCN Fraternity fosters many skills and attributes. The environment is nurturing and the mentoring priceless. There is a sense of belonging and a camaraderie rarely seen or experienced at any club, association or sales convention. Anyone interested in becoming a speaker would benefit from being an SCN member.

Members work on their skills on and off the stage. There are workshops and motivational speakers throughout the meeting. The leadership team and committee members span three generations and their generosity and philanthropy set the tone for the culture at SCN.

As a sponsoring partner at the SCN meeting it was apparent (from the very first event) that corporate sponsors were appreciated and quickly became extended family if they were engaged in the event activities. I represented Schein’s exclusives division and demonstrated Identafi (adjunctive cancer screening device) and spoke about Sleep Complete (Proven dental sleep medicine and medical billing software). The consultants were captivated and showed interest in our sponsoring opportunities.

The interaction with so many glass half-filled consultants was inspiring for me and has led to my glass over flowing mentality. I have a sense of anything is possible!

For more information on S C N, go to http://www.speakingconsultingnetwork.com/contact-us.html



Oral Cancer Screening  

Many common cancers are on the decline and mortality rates for cancer survivors are rising because of education, early detection and technological advancement. But oral cancer (Head, Neck and Throat) is on the rise.

It is our responsibility (dental community) to reverse these alarming statistics through education and comprehensive cancer screening. I am committed to making adjunctive cancer screening standard of care. What you can’t see, can hurt you and your patients. One person dies every hour in the U.S.A. due to oral cancer. Early diagnosis/detection is the key to changing these alarming statistics.

Introducing Identafi™. The deep penetrating power of Idenatfi’s multiple wave lengths is designed to enhance diagnosis as an adjunctive tool for early detection. The Identafi system uses Multi –Spectral Florescence and Reflectance technology to enhance visualization of mucosal abnormalities such as oral cancer or premalignant dysplasia that may not be apparent to the naked eye. The long neck of the optional mirror attachment allows for inspection/views in the back of the tongue, tonsils and throat, areas that are not typically in your field of view with other devices.

Equip your office with Identafi and join your peers in the war against oral cancer!

Become an active member in OCC. This is a wonderful organization that will differentiate your practice from everyone else’s. .

   OCC   www.oralcancercause.com

Join OCC (Oral Cancer Cause) and show your philanthropy while receiving a great marketing package and a pathway to implementing assisted cancer screening in your office.

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