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Everything Dental Blog – May 2015


The Dental Business Institute has taken practice management and business education to new heights within the dental space. According to the attending dentists the experience was transformative and each experienced personal development and business insight unimaginable prior to attendance.

The institute was developed to provide progressive dentists with the tools to grow their business and master group practice ownership. In this inaugural session the doctors were assigned to small groups (3 to 4 dentists per group) in an intimate and interactive environment. Attendees participated in one on one and group activities with the speakers and moderators. Every attendee felt as if they were part of something unique and revolutionary! We dissected profit and loss statements, interpreted cash flow analysis, developed mission, vision and purpose statements and participated in five business simulations. The simulations were quite humbling as the case studies required quick and prudent decision making in a very competitive “virtual” environment.

In addition to great content and several exercises using the business simulation system we had these wonderful speakers educate the group;

EDB_MAY_15_002 Cathy Jameson (Founder and CEO of Jameson Management) focused on the infrastructure and architecture required to build DE novo practices culminating with multiple dental practice ownership.



EDB_MAY_15_003 Bob Gray (Partner at Gray-Pilgrim and Associates and an active member of the Academy Of Dental Certified Public Accountants) examined P&L’S, cash flow analysis and the art of writing a winning business plan.


EDB_MAY_15_004 Katherine Eitel (Creator of The Lioness Principle ™, a unique and powerful leadership concept for corporations, dentists and progressive individuals) energized the group with real world advice on interpersonal communication and public speaking. She showed us how clarity, motivation and Inspiration can make good communicators great leaders!

EDB_MAY_15_005 Eric Nuss (Director of HSD consulting group) – was the moderator and brainchild of the business institute. His leadership and knowledge of the dental landscape allowed him to develop a program and strategies that resonated with the attendees and presenters.

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Insurance is a Use It or Lose It Benefit that has a Cash Value

EDB_MAY_15_006    EDB_MAY_15_007 EDB_MAY_15_008 EDB_MAY_15_009

Late April and May should trigger a letter from your office to your patients. Encourage them to schedule an appointment now so they can maximize their dental benefits. In most cases, they must be seen by June 30th if they want to take advantage of their two annual prophy appointments. Chances are the majority of your patients have insurance that coincides with the calendar year and this message will be well received by them. The windfall is a busier than usual schedule!

Have you been accused of drinking the corporate Kool-Aid?

As a child I remember the pressure we put on our classmates so they wouldn’t ask a question just before lunch or recess. I actually witness this same behavior today as an adult. Occasionally, I’ll attend a CE event and the attendees seem more interested in going home or getting their credits rather than learning how to improve their business or dentistry. Often times, dentists don’t ask questions because they don’t want their peers to know that they need clarity or help with a clinical or operational procedure. Peer pressure and a lack of humility exist in all industries and may be the reason why so many professionals reach critical mass prematurely.

I work in a large corporation with almost 15,000 team members. We operate in different countries, serve different customers but operate with one culture. It is not a perfect alignment. We are always integrating people and companies and our corporate culture evolves as the company grows. However, the culture where I work is customer centric and it stems from certain key corporate, core principles. We serve our dental clients by bringing value in the form of solutions. Our company mantra is to do well by doing good and this philosophy has served us well.

In the dental community and in corporate America drinking the corporate Kool-Aid demonstrates your engagement, enhances your skill set and success. Imagine a team that shares your values and vision and now imagine a team that does not. Which team will outperform the other?

Let’s change the vernacular. Drink the Kool-Aide when it makes you a better person, improves your skills or enhances your relevance in your profession/community.




Overcoming “I’ll Think About It”

This amazing seminar will give you the tools to get patients to say yes to treatment.

Tired of investing your time and energy into a treatment presentation only to have the patient say, “I’ll think about it.”?  In today’s economy, money is the dental professional’s primary obstacle for a patient to move forward with recommended treatment.  Have you found this to be true in your practice?  Are you finding that no matter how great your dentistry is you just can’t seem to get your patients over the financial hurdle?  If so, discover the skills you need to get patients to say YES to treatment. Each member of your team plays an important role in getting the patient to accept treatment they NEED and WANT!   This course provides you and your team with the know-how to do just that.

Date: Friday, June 19th

Location: Sheraton Lincoln Harbor – 500 Harbor Blvd, Weehawken, NJ 07086

Time: Registration: 9AM / Seminar: 10AM – 2PM > Lunch will be served

Tuition includes 4 CE Credits: $99 Dr. $59 Staff

To Register: Call Lizette or Maggie: 973-227-3533 Online: http://hnrysc.hn/JAM3984


Austin Dental Equipment Company



Now available at Henry Schein Dental

The biggest equipment portfolio has just gotten better!


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