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Everything Dental Blog – December 2015

I burned the boats – and it was exhilarating!


“Burn the Boats”. The impact of those words (whether true or urban legend) has meant peril for some and victory for others. For explorers and conquerors like Cort’es and Alexander the Great, those words were meant to inspire their men. They had to fight (win or die) for there was no turning back after they burned their boats. When their enemies heard those words and witnessed the act of burning the boats, it ensued intimidation and absolute fear.

I had a Burn the Boats moment back in November. I was having dinner and drinks with my friend Dr. David Moffet (consultant and author) at the ADA meeting when I confided in him what I had done. Earlier that day, I had used my network (about 12,000 contacts) to introduce a new product with a personal testimonial. While this was no matter of life and death, I was full of emotion and having self-doubt. I felt uncomfortable and out of alignment with my behavior because I had never used my network to introduce a product or service for personal motives. This is when David shared the contemporary meaning behind the phrase “Burn your Boats”. David told me that every entrepreneur has experienced that moment when doubt and passion collide. He said that entrepreneurs harness their passion and take risks. That passion and their unyielding commitment is what set them apart from everyone else.

The significance of that moment will be realized for the rest of my life because the genie is out of the bottle. My open rates and other analytics suggest I am relevant to a large community of healthcare professionals. My entire outlook on life, work and relationships has changed because of that simple act. I feel empowered and exhilarated!

Over the past decade I have invested a great deal of my time and personal money to become a resource on practice management and business operations. Now, I have the confidence and skills to be a more relevant blogger, networker and entrepreneur. This will make me a better ambassador for Henry Schein and a better resource and advocate for my clients. My wish is that my break out moment is an inspiration for others who secretly desire to contribute more or take a chance on themselves.


2015 was a pivotal year for the dental community. The marketplace is ultra-competitive and the battle between brick & mortar and quality & price are center stage. Business owners are tackling debt and/or rising operational costs. The movement towards group dentistry is percolating and insurance participation continues to challenge the Fee for Service business model.

During this dynamic period in time, we find ourselves in the midst of a technological revolution. All businesses, regardless of industry, are confronted with the burden and necessity of acquiring technology. Failure to keep up will result in diminishing returns and a lack of consumer appeal.

Today’s consumer expects technology and demands efficiency. They have grown up with Google, smart phones and social media. They will research a dentist, dry cleaner or restaurant before selecting one. And yes, they will look at web reviews. This is why a respectable on-line reputation is vital for your business. Your on-line reputation is your reputation – Abe Kasbo

Breaking News:

Congress makes Section 179 permanent at $500k

Making the $500,000 limit permanent, and indexing it for inflation, “is easily the most positive thing Congress has done for small business in the past several years, and it will ripple through the economy in the form of new investments and more jobs,” said Dan Danner, president and CEO of the National Federation of Independent Business.

A business friendly, capital equipment tax incentive will go far towards rebuilding our infrastructure and building America’s digital highway. For the dental community, the section 179 will allow dentists to accelerate the movement towards a digital workflow.

*Dentists are advised to consult their accountant for financial recommendations and business planning.

As we approach the end of 2015 and look towards the New Year, I would like to wish my family, clients, co-workers and friends good health, happiness and prosperity. To my vendor partners and collaborators, let’s kick it up a notch in 2016. I hope you all have a Burn Your Boats moment and capture the greatness within.

*For those who want to know more about the product that served as my entrepreneurial catalyst, check out; www.dentalpracticepro.com



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