Several things you can do to advance your practice and grow revenue in 2019

  • Third party financing training (Care Credit and other patient financing tools) *These tools increase daily production numbers and accommodate patients who need/want dentistry
  • Practice Management software training *It’s not just a calendar and billing software.
  • Phone training * I have offices that put the answering machine on and don’t answer every call. I have offices that don’t answer the phone during lunch? *Research shows that most offices lose a minimum of 20% of new patient inquiries because of bad phone etiquette
  • Get your annual practice analysis – HSPA (It provides you with a new fee schedule and business analytics) *The average office gets a road map for over $100K in opportunities!
  • Audit operatory equipment *Schedule a preventive maintenance call so you minimize down time and emergency service issues in the new year!
  • Audit IT and telecommunication equipment *Your phone system is a tool to communicate, monitor and increase business activity. Investigate [Voice over IP phone systems]. Assess software, hardware and your technology integration with your provider
  • Negotiate a better rate for credit card processing (You should do this every year)
  • Create personal and professional goals


Here is an example of personal goals:

  • Exercise everyday
  • Go out with your spouse, significant other or friends at least once a week
  • Take two + vacations a year (go away / go unplugged) Re-charge your batteries!
  • Prioritize time with your financial planner and accountant
  • Increase your 401K contribution and retirement portfolio investment


Here is an example of professional goals:

  • Update or invest in a new website
  • Increase new patient acquisition practices *Determine your tolerance for new patient acquisition costs? Pay per click, direct mail, TV, radio, social media engagement?
  • Join a clinical & practice management study club (grow your case acceptance and you’re your hourly production numbers)
  • Hire a practice management consultant and grow your business by 30% this year!
  • Cut down or add Saturday and evening office hours depending on your plan
  • Create a monthly training program for clinical and administrative development
  • Add innovative technology to your offices armamentarium (CBCT / CadCam)
  • Increase your hygiene production by adding days or another hygienist
  • Hire an associate
  • Open another dental office
  • Work on your exit strategy